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Airplanes have always captured the imagination of Dave Teeters, pilot and owner of Airmotive Specialties, since he was a young boy. Dave has a strong relationship to the WWII Warbirds even though he was born decades after the conflict ended. His fascination started because he is a descendant of the greatest aviation generation and grew up with (in his eyes) the best of the best his father and grandfather (both pilots and owners of their own aviation repair and restoration companies).



Dave and his ASI team have a vast experience in the restoration of many types of aircrafts however, they specialize in the North American P51D. ASI is also equipped to convert your P51D to a full-out TF51 (full duel control version) if that is what you are looking for. Dave is proud of his 25 years converting P51D airplanes to TF51's and looks forward to tailoring a program for the conversion of your aircraft.  Even though Dave has been around airplanes his entire life, he is amazed at the pace of aviation development. But... these historical planes will always be a part of Dave's DNA!


COMPLETE AIRCRAFT RESTORATION - Specializing in the North American P51



ASI will tailor a Pre-Purchase program to your needs.



ASI will arrange shipping and recovery/import or export of your aircraft.



ASI knows the importance of an extremely good structural inspection of your aircraft. We use the aircraft manuals as well as AC43.13-1B as guides to look for previous damage, repairs and all types of corrosion.


ASI is extremely knowledgeable and well prepared to make the necessary repairs to your aircraft structures. They are equipped with fixtures for many types of aircrafts and have most types of fixtures needed for the structural rebuilding of the North American P51D, including wing, dog house, scoop, engine mount, fuselage and all control surfaces. ASI will have rivets and other items manufactured to match the authenticity of the original aircraft if so desired.





























ASI is equipped to fabricate any parts needed for your aircraft. If it is not done in-house, they have preferred vendors for castings, forgings, deep draw, hydro forming, stretch forming and drop hammering.



ASI is well equipped for metal forming and fabrication of compound skins such as cowlings, fairings and other compound cured skins. We English wheel and hammer the parts we need to complete your aircraft with the quality you are looking for.



ASI has a large amount of experience with aircraft alterations. We work with the FAA, DER's and DARs to make sure your alterations are safe and legal. This is something taken lightly by many shops and has caused many problems in the past. ASI is very concerned about your safety and investment therefore, going to great lengths to make sure all basses are covered during this process. We are happy to work with you on any alterations you might want.



ASI performs all hydraulic component overhauls in-house and meticulously installs new fabricated lines and hoses neatly as original per customer's request.



ASI has the qualified staff to wire your entire aircraft. All wires are numbered as original and all connections will be made using original style connectors as much as possible. All aircraft wiring is documented with an aircraft electrical wire diagram manual as shown below.




ASI is happy to tailor a program of restoration to meet your need for originality. We respect the fact that some customers do not need absolute originality and others do. For those that do, however, there will be a substantial increase in cost. Be that if it may, if original is what you are looking for, we are up to the task! We take pride in the research and providing original items needed for your Warbird.


Originality.    Individuality.W

Restorations tailored to meet your need for originality!



ASI Works with qualified radio shops who understand the warbird community and what they are looking for. This work is preformed at ASI whenever possible, your aircraft does not have to go anywhere!  Our preferred vendor for this is APR Aviation.



ASI works with T&P Aero Refinishers for all their painting of components and final painting of the aircraft exterior. T&P Aero pays extremely close attention to detail and will paint flat, semi-gloss or gloss top coats. Dave works closely with his customers and T&P Aero Refinishers to ensure the layout work and final outcome meets the customers request.





ASI's experienced staff is happy to research and find the parts needed for your restoration.



Your aircraft is not completed until the test flight and paper work is complete. ASI works with professional pilots qualified for test flights, this allows us to make sure all details are looked at and are in good operational order. With the completion of the test flights we are happy to deliver your aircraft so you can enjoy the heritage of Warbird flying.






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