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An Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection is the best place to start when purchasing your first aircraft or upgrading from your current one.  There are many things a potential buyer needs to know that go beyond just checking the normal items of scheduled 100hr or annual inspections. Many buyers are mistaken in thinking that an annual inspection or aircraft logbooks are enough to determine the airworthiness of an aircraft. The intent of the pre-purchase inspection is to uncover existing conditions or to reveal maintenance shortcomings that may become potential safety or financial issues for the buyer in the future.  There is no substitute for an Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection and it is highly recommended to protect you and your investment.


The expert staff at ASI always approaches the pre-purchase inspection as if they were purchasing the aircraft themselves. It is of the utmost importance to validate logbooks, inspect the work performed and to ratify the airworthiness of the aircraft.  ASI’s pre-purchase inspection procedure goes beyond just making sure the aircraft  is safe to fly but makes recommendations to keep your newly purchased aircraft in the best airworthy condition for years to come. The extensive strategic approach to the aircraft pre-purchase inspection is a follows:



                  • Obtain the FAA registration and airworthiness data from Oklahoma City
                  • ASI staff looks through previous logbook ownerships which provides insight as to the type of flying the aircraft has been used for in the past. It is important to see if the aircraft has changed categories for airworthiness and what modifications and repairs have previously been made.
                  • The aircraft logbooks are scrutinized for proper S/N of components, AD compliance (we research all of the components for AD’s) and the standard propeller, engine and airframe maintenance and repairs.



                  • The aircraft is inspected using an inspection check list appropriate for your aircraft. It is important that previous modifications and damage is matched up to what the FAA has on file.



Once the aircraft pre-purchase inspection has been completed, ASI provides a comprehensive report containing airworthy and non airworthy items needing attention. They will advise of any items which may be coming up in the future as well as recommendations for keeping your aircraft in good airworthy condition. The aircraft pre-purchase inspection results will be documented in the aircraft maintenance records.






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