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Specialized Services

with Fixtures for Many Types of Aircrafts and Components


Airmotive Specialties, Inc’s uncompromising dedication to their customers has earned them a reputation that far extends beyond their home base of Salinas, California. The team at ASI repairs and rebuilds aircrafts from across the United States and beyond. They will handle all aspects of your aircraft repairs from working with your insurance company to delivering your aircraft back to and above airworthy standards.


ASI understands how disappointing it is to have your aircraft damaged and in need of repair. With their expert diverse skill set and limitless resources, ASI works in close collaboration with their customers, insurance companies, preferred vendors and federal aviation agencies to deliver expert and sophisticated solutions.


Aircraft rebuilding and repairs is one of ASI’s specialties and they have a high standard for your structural repairs. They put great effort in combining their aviation expertise, outstanding project management and communication skills  to ensure a seamless aircraft repair and rebuild for everyone involved. They don’t just splice and patch your aircraft back together, they replace components using fixtures to assure proper alignment as needed. ASI’s dedication and commitment to excellence is their trademark, creating an exceptional experience for each individual customer and project.


Airmotive Specialties, Inc will handle all aspects of your aircraft’s structural rebuild and insurance repairs including (but not limited to):


  • Work with Your Insurance Company
  • Aircraft Retrieval
    • Will retrieve your damaged aircraft if it can be temporarily repaired and faired or disassemble it and transport it via truck for repairs
  • Repairs
    • ASI has many fixtures for many types of aircraft wing, fuselage and control surface repairs
    • Repairs wet wing fuel cells
    • Will fabricate parts if they are no longer available, work as needed with DER’s for certification
    • Works with preferred vendors for overhaul and repairs to engines, propellers, avionics as well as many other accessories
  • Paint

Paint is no problem with ASI, we work with T&P Aero Refinishers as one of our preferred vendors for our complete paint and touch-ups

  • Aircraft Delivery


ASI's reputation far extends their home-base of Salinas, CA

OUR PLEDGE: To always provide the highest level of service and to deliver above and beyond expectations on every project.


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